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Where did our WXL Top 100 List go? You must wonder at this moment.

Do not worry! Our WXL Top 100 List will be back as soon as we have programmed our personality Ranking System.

personality Ranking System is a ranking system our players evaluate other players, based on how polite they are, how much sportmanship they have, how fun and easy they can be, or how helpful they are to other players and WXL staffs, etc.

Why personality Ranking System?

  1. In WXL, not only we promote xiangqi, we also promote True Xiangqi Spirit and good human behaviors.
    One of WXL player once said,"The True Spirit of Xiangqi is a form of relaxation and a way to refine a player's character and temper."
  2. In any communities, or societies, if every body in there says you are a nice guy or girl, then you must be a nice guy or girl. Therefore, more people will be more likely to play with you or interact with you. And vise versa. As a matter of fact, we are building a nice and warm online civil community which promote good human behaviors and tarnish bad behaviors.

  3. As WXL grows larger and larger with so many players, WXL staffs don't have time to police around. And we believe self-policing is the best solution.

  4. We also protect good and nice players in WXL whom got abused by cheating or bad language. Now a nice person can do something about a player who mistreat him.
Initially, our personality Ranking System is going to based on American education rating system with A, B, C, D, F ranking.
A = 4.0 Excellent!	
B = 3.0 Good.
C = 2.0 Fair and Average. (It is initial ranking generated by WXL. It cannot be given by a player.)	
D = 1.0 Below Average, Need Improvement.		
F = 0.0 It is time WXL kicks you out for good!

It is going to calculate as the following example:
There are 5 players who volunteeringly gave you a personality Rank based on either one game with you or one incident with you. You got A, B, B, D, D respectly. Then your personality Ranking is (4.0 + 3.0 + 3.0 + 1.0 + 1.0) / 5 (Numbers of the rank is given out) = 2.4! Thank you very much! Your personality Ranking is between B and C, and better than average. You are generally a nice guy or girl!

Every player's personality Ranking starts at C = 2.0 is given by WXL systematically with 1 number of the rank. C ranking cannot be given by any players since we all should be fair and average.

We have not finalized the personality Ranking System yet. We are welcome for all suggestions! Please send your suggestions and feedback to


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I never play a game or two with a player, however, he is very rude to me with bad language. Can I rank his / her personality Ranking?
    Yes, you can. You can rank him or her based on one incident or one game.
    A WXL staff can even give a player a F ranking if he or she got our product from our online store and his / her check got bounced.

  2. There is a person who hates me very much somehow, he had threaten me that he would give me a F ranking everyday. How can I stop him?
    In WXL, we belive 99.9 % players are general nice and honest. A player can only give one ranking for one incident. He or She can not give you a rank for no incident. Besides, we monitor our personality Ranking System very carefully. He / She must enter correct login ID and password in order to rank others. He / She is accountable for his / her own action.
    We will list his name on our *Shame List* first. If he doesn't stop, we will ban him.

    Where is my personality Ranking going to show?
    It is going to show in front of your xiangqi skill ranking, where every other player can see how nice you are.

  3. Do I have to give a player personality Ranking all the time after I have played a game with him?
    No. A new rank given by you will affact his / her overall ranking. If the rank you give him is below his existing ranking, his overall ranking will be low. If the rank you give him is more than his existing ranking, his overall ranking will be higher.

  4. Will my own personality Ranking be affected after I have given a personality Ranking to other players?
    No, your own personality Ranking won't change. However, we might question you when we see the following partern.
    • You give the same player a good ranking many times. (We question you might doing your friend a favor.)
    • You give the same player a bad ranking many times. (Since you know he isn't a very nice person to you, how come you keep playing or interacting with him? We suggestion you move on to play other nice players in WXL. We have so many players! Never never revenge! Please forgive and move on.)

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