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Common Problems [World Xiangqi League]

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If you get a login error, please try to clear the cache in your browser, then exit your browser, restart, and login to our club again. Please let us know if you still have problems after doing this.

This is a list of the most common problems, along with the solution or current status. Our software is still in active development, and you will notice regular improvements. See also:


Most common problems

  1. I don't have a xiangqi account yet.

    You can create a new account (for free!) from our accounts page.

  2. I got an "Invalid login" error.

    If you are not sure of your password, see the next problem below. Else if you are sure you used the right password, try our other servers and if you still have problems, please email us the list of servers and the username and password you tried.

  3. I forgot my password.

    You can generate a new password from our accounts page.

  4. I never received my password and/or You guys never replied to my email.

    Are you sure you entered the correct email address? At least a few times a week, we get accounts created or email sent by people who have entered an incorrect or broken email address, and our attempts to send email are rejected.

    If you are sure you entered the correct email alias, and you still don't get a password, please send us feedback. If you don't receive a reply from us, it is most likely that your email program is not working. Our response time to email is usually somewhere between ten minutes and ten hours, depending on when you catch us. (And if we don't answer within ten minutes, please do NOT send us the same email again—it will not help you get a reply any sooner. :-)

  5. My email address is rejected by the create account form.

    We have disabled account creation from anonymous email services such as hotmail and rocketmail, since some members were creating several accounts which is against our policies.

    We also had to disable account created from the domain, since we do not have time to deal with the substantial problems in trying to support email to them. If you are using as your provider, at this time we recommend you switch to another ISP in Malaysia.

  6. When I try to login, I get this message: Your browser is not able to run Java.

    Our software is written in the Java programming language. Please click here to read about how to configure your browser to enable Java programs such as ours.

  7. After I login, it just says "Contacting server..." or "Trying login..." but it never connects.

    Our server might be down or dying (although this is rare). You can check our server status page to see which servers are running, accepting connections, and who is logged in. We do have scripts to notify us of server problems, so please try again later.

    Worst case, please try one of our other servers as described at the bottom of this page.

  8. After I login, it says "Could not connect".

    You are probably behind a firewall or proxy server, which is disabling our client software from opening a network socket to our server. There are four possible solutions:


  9. The board is drawn incorrectly.

    Please resize your window to see if the redraw corrects. If your browser failed to download all the piece images correctly, try to use a different style army by loading a new one via the Options->Pieces menu and/or using the Game->Sync menu command.

  10. The game gets out of sync, I missed an opponent move or chat.

    This is our #1 priority bug, and we hope to have a fix soon. Meanwhile, if this happens to you, try to Game->Sync menu command to try to resynchronize your client software with the server.

  11. I lose too many games.

    Use the Genius function. (Ok, we're only kidding, there is no Genius function.) Well, practice some more. :-) Watch the games of our top players. (Don't play like Chris.)

  12. I have other problems with the software.

    First make sure you are using our latest client software. To do this, it is important that you follow all of these steps:

    You can check your client version with the Help->Configuration menu item. Our latest client is "V3.1d 20may98".

    If you have a fast connection and/or want to make sure you always have our latest Java client, you can change your browser cache setting to 0 bytes. Sometime we'll change our client to auto-detect when a new version is needed, and to auto-update when necessary. For more information, please see our cache page.

    Also, at the moment, the most reliable browser is probably Netscape 4. We will ensure that Netscape 3 and 4 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3 and 4 all work nicely, even on computers as slow as 486 50mhz with a 14.4 modem.

    [Bugsbase] You may send us a bug or suggestion via our feedback form.

  13. I need some help.

    Please use our feedback form and we will be happy to help you. Please provide as much detail as possible.

    When your regular World Xiangqi League server is down, you can also try to login to one of our other servers by clicking on a dotted flag below—your username and password will work at any World Xiangqi League server around the world.

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