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Introduction [World Xiangqi League]

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The World Xiangqi League (WXL) is the largest xiangqi (Chinese chess) association in the world, with over 50,000 online members. We welcome xiangqi players of any age, skill and culture. Basic Memberships are free, and members can play directly from their browser, with no special software required to install. [register] Please see also how you can become a Registered Member to get additional benefits such as a xiangqi personal home page and WXL tournament eligibility.

Read below instructions to setup an account, get an overview of the software, and how to use the Club Menu (start games), Game Menu (play games), Options Menu (game preferences), Member Menu (member commands), Chat Menu (chat options), Help Menu (documentation) and Keyboard Shortcuts.

This document describes our latest V3.0 software. Please see some of our other documents including basic game rules, known problems and a list of what's new.


Account Setup

To create your login account, go to our Accounts Page and select "Create Account" (only one account allowed per person). Then go back to the home page to Login. Input your username and password into our login form and then click on the [Enter] button. You should then see these messages:

During this process our Club Java client will be downloaded to your browser, and soon a new Club window window will open. If you have any problems, please see our problems page.

Our software will work best if you set your display resolution to 800x600 or higher.

(The Club window is a Java applet, and thus it will likely have the Java coffee cup logo [javacup.gif] to the left of the window title, and used as the icon when minimized. The bottom of the window will say "Unsigned Java Applet Window", which is a warning to you that your browser has downloaded code from the web to run on your computer. For more information about Java, see the JavaSoft site.)


Client Software

When you first login to the Club, you enter into the Lobby. This is where you first meet other members. The Club window (shown here to the right—click on it to display it in its actual size) is organized into four main sections:

Our members have developed this Club into a polite community. Rude members will be banished. Please follow generally accepted chat conventions (e.g., DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS AS IT APPEARS AS IF YOU ARE YELLING AT PEOPLE). For more info about chat conventions and jargon, click here.

You can do Member->Who to see who is currently at the Club. The Member->Tables command shows the tables.

You can whisper to your friends (no matter what table they are at) by preceding your chat text with your friend's name and parenthesis, e.g., paul) Hi Paul, did you get my email?

Be careful not to misspell your friend's name, or the chat will not be delivered. Also, be careful to notice when someone whispers to you—there will be a closing parenthesis (instead of the usual colon) to the right of their name in the chat output window. Make sure you whisper back instead of replying to all.


Club Menu

Commands to change tables or exit the Club.

Game Menu

Presents commands to change the state of the current game.

Options Menu

These commands allow you to set preferences for the game panel.

Member Menu

Chat Menu

These commands allow you to query or change the state of the current chat.

Help Menu


Keyboard Shortcuts


Playing the Game

The red player (southern army) moves first. Move by selecting a piece and dragging it to desired location. The last moved piece is always circled in yellow.

See the Game Rules for a description of each of the pieces.


For more Help

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