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WXL hosts the homepages of all local xiangqi organization worldwide!

In order to spread xiangqi game worldwide, World Xiangqi League will host free websites for any xiangqi associations around the world to encourage local xiangqi activities.

You can start to host or organize your own xiangqi organization in your local area TODAY!

You can use this 20 MB FREE web space to announce local xiangqi activities, tournaments, biographies and photographs of your members, to include descriptions of important games, or for any other purpose associated with promoting the game of Chinese Chess as an association instead of as an individual.


  1. WXL can even HTML a page for FREE to get you start if you don't know how to HTML. It includes a logo, formal organization's name, mission statement, contact information, and member numbers. You can update your organization's page as often as you want.

  2. If your local xianqqi organization's homepage requires more than a page, more pictures, more links, fancy design, we will charge labor fee. Please check our online shop for rate information.

  3. Your local xiangqi organization's homepage must be an formal organization homepage instead of personal xiangqi homepage. This is very important!

    In WXL, we believe you can promote xiangqi far more effectively when you get others to be involved.


    (If you already are a basic member of WXL. You have a FREE personal xiangqi gamepage already! Please check!)

    We are sure you probably have an excellent personal xiangqi homepage already. You can modify it under an organization's name to start to organize your own local xiangqi association with only one member, who is YOURSELF!

  4. Please submit your request TODAY to start! If you would like more details, feel free to send us e-mail to
Please check Xiangqi Clubs and Associations Page to see if you can join a local xiangqi clubs or Associations!

We'd like to thank all WXL members who ask us where they can find people to play xiangqi in a old-fashion face to face game.

Thank you all very much! You inspired us!


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