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Honor Roll vs. Shame Roll [World Xiangqi League]

One of WXL player once said,"The spirit of Xiangqi is a form of relaxation and a way to refine a player's character and temper."

WXL could not agree more! This is why we make this page to honor those players who value friendship and sportmanship much more than ranking and to help those players who haven't quite understand the true spirit of Xiangqi.

WXL will occationally award FREE Registered Membership or Club Coach power to those players who have the true spirit of Xiangqi.

And WXL will BAN those players who don't seem to understand the ture friendship and sportsmanship with multiple legitimate complains from other players.

Playing xiangqi in WXL is not a right! It is a privilege!


Honor Roll [Cute]

We appreciate and honor the following players who make WXL a nice place to be!

[honor roll]


Shame Roll [Depressed]

Please try not to be on this list!
Thank you for your cooperation!

[shame roll]

What happened? Any evidences or witnesses?

How can you got you nick removed from the *Shame Roll*?


How to deal a player who is on our *Shame Roll*?

How to deal a player who has potential to be on our *Shame Roll*?


Frequently asked questions about cheating?

Enjoy your stay in WXL!

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