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Welcome to the WXL "Featured Game"! We will use this page to feature a recent game played on one of the WXL servers and/or to give you a puzzle to sharpen your xiangqi skills.

We also have Mr. Xiangqi answering your questions and presenting xiangqi items of interest.

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Greeting From April Editor

As Frynite is going to be very busy with his school
works, so I am taking over his position as the
editor of the month.  I don't really know whether
I have the abilities liked Frynite's to meet the
editor's requirements.  But all I know that this
position will help me to make friends from every
corner of the world.  Xiangqi has being one of my
hobbies since I was 10.  At first I was wondering
what is so nice about xiangqi, it's too time consuming
and may caused a headache.  So out of curiosity, I
went to library and asked my relatives all about
xiangqi.  Finally I found out that my godfather was
actually an expert.  Since then I keep playing with him,
whenever he comes to my house, to sharpen my skills.  I
think you all are yawning now after reading my history.
heehee...  I am currently waiting for admission for
Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore).  I think that's all
for my self-introduction.

Next, I will like to invite anyone who is interested in
being a game host to email me at
Don't hesitate!! Being in WXL's family is really fun.
Trust me !! You will not never regret it. It's going to
be a new experience for You. I am looking forward for
your mail. Flood my mailbox now !

Lastly, I will like to introduce a new game host, cities,
to you.  He is a very strong xiangqi player and has
contributed a few puzzles to WXL.  Some of his puzzles
are really very nice, just liked the one below which
slightly modified by Ycwong. I believe he is going to do
an excellant job.

Best Regards,


New Puzzle: 1 April ~ 15 A