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The World Xiangqi League is the largest online xiangqi (Chinese chess) network in the world. The WXL currently has xiangqi servers in USA, China, Singapore and Malaysia. (You can see who is playing at all of our servers right now.)

We are now looking for partners to bring online World Xiangqi League servers to Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, UK, Germany, Taiwan, Japan and other regions of the world. (Technical requirements: a SPARC Solaris or Pentium Solaris/x86 computer with a high quality Internet connection, fifteen hops or less and 250ms or less from

If your organization is interested in hosting the World Xiangqi League server for your country or region, or in developing or adapting your software for the WXL, please contact us.

The current World Xiangqi League operators include:
[ChinaNet] [Singapore ONE] [JOC Malaysia]
ChinaNet Data Communications Bureau, the largest ISP in China Singapore ONE and the National Computer Board of Singapore JOC Malaysia and Nasionet

The "dotted" flags below represent live servers—currently these are USA, China, Singapore and Malaysia.

[Regional Servers]

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