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Free Email Forwarding [World Xiangqi League]

All WXL members automatically receive a free email forwarding address of:

This alias is created 24 hours after your first login to the club (please do not test it before then).

[privacy] These aliases were created to allow members to easily be able to send email to each other, yet without requiring members to disclose their actual email address. (We care very much about privacy.)

You can now tell your friends to reach you at this new alias. You can even set your mail preferences identity such that email sent from you appears to come from your new alias. For example, if you use Netscape as your mail program, you can do Edit->Preferences and set your Mail Identify to your new alias If you use Microsoft Internet Mail, you can do Mail->Options then click the Server tab to set your Email Alias.

Please note: this automatic email alias is simply a forwarding address: it forwards all email to your real email address. You can not "login" to the mail server via POP/IMAP/etc.

See also information about your free xiangqi game page.

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