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The World Xiangqi League (WXL) was created in 1997 to help increase the adoption of Chiness Chess around the world, particularly between Asian and Western players, thus becoming another useful tool in increasing cultural exchange and understanding. The WXL software allows all players to quickly and efficiently increase their game playing skill level through a combination of carefully designed tutorials and human-to-human environments.

The WXL is expanding. We will be setting up satellite WXL servers and communities around the world, in partnerships with the leading consumer online services in each region. We already have WXL satellite servers in the USA, China, Singapore and Malaysia. We will also add satellite servers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, Australia, Japan and possible others as well. We will sponsor national teams from each country, and in 1998 we will run online tournaments with awards and prizes. (If you can help setup a partnership with a leading consumer online service in your region, please send us email so we can work together.)

Please view our Site Map for more information about the WXL.

To create a free account to play xiangqi at any of our servers around the world, directly from your browser (no software to install), and to get your free email address and game page, click here.

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