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Friday, January 29, 1999


Q. I am getting an error 603 when I attempt to restore a database since
   applying Service Pack 5 (SP5) to SQL 6.5.

A. This is a nasty bug that slipped through the cracks in SP5 
   testing/beta's.  It is caused when you execute the
   sp_sysbackuphistory stored procedure.  Please note that this stored 
   procedure is invoked is when you use the Enterprise Manager GUI to 
   initiate backups/restores.

For more details about the bug, please be sure to read the following

You can download the fix for this bug from:
(The file SP5ax86.exe is for Intel CPUs and SP5aALP.exe is for
Alpha CPUs).

The updated service pack is known as SP5a (build 416).  The 416 build
will allow you to load a "corrupted" dump by setting trace flag 3282.

Build 416 also contains a number of other hot-fixes that did not make
SP5 but were in the base build that MS applied this fix to.

If you are already on the earlier SP5 (build 415) then the only files
you need to update are sqlservr.exe and opends60.dll.

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