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Heartland Users Groups

SQL Server SIG

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This page was updated on May 4, 1999

Applied Information Science Data modeling theory / methodology / CASE tools
BOPA (Back Office Prof. Assoc.) Microsoft Back Office Professional Association
Business Objects Decision support tools vendor
Capital Area SQL Server Users Group Washington, D.C. SQL Server Users Group
The Client-Server Computing page Client-server help and information
Datacore Marketing Direct Marketing database service provider
DBMS magazine General information about database systems
EISSUG Eastern Iowa SQL Server Users Group
Embarcadero Technologies Database tools software vendor
FAQ for SQL Server Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about SQL Server
Hotlinx Client-server product information and news
IDEF Structured data modeling standards
Kansas City Business Journal December 7, 1998 article on Heartland Users Groups
LogicWorks Data modeling software vendor
Microsoft SQL Server Official SQL Server web page
New England SQL Server Users Group New England SQL Server Users Group
Norfolk SQL Server Users Group Norfolk SQL Server Users Group
The OLAP Report Data Warehousing information
OLTP vs OLAP A table comparing OLTP systems with OLAP systems
PNWSSUG Pacific Northwest SQL Server Users Group
Platinum Technology Database tools software vendor
SilverRun Database tools software vendor
SQL Server Developer's Resource Kit Various SQL Server tools from Microsoft
SQL Server 7.0 Hints and Tricks Chris Miller's presentation from the 03/04/1999 meeting (PowerPoint; zipped)
SQL Forum Online SQL Server Q & A
SQL Documents Online Various on-line documents to help you learn SQL
Upgrading from SQL Server 4.21 to 6.5 Microsoft's site
SQL Server Magazine SQL Server Magazine
SQL Server Online magazine Specific information about Microsoft SQL Server
SQL Server Professional Online SQL Server Professional Online
SQL Standards page General information about ANSI SQL
SWYNK Unofficial SQL Server FAQ and more
Sybase FAQ Unofficial
TerraServer Web-based terrabyte-sized SQL Server containing declassified spy satellite photos
TPC home page Database benchmarking standards and results
Windows NT Magazine's SQL Server Community SQL Server articles from past issues of the magazine
Windows NT Systems magazine Windows NT Systems magazine

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