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Heartland Users Groups

SQL Server SIG

General Information page

This page was updated on April 6, 1999

The Heartland Users Groups (HUG) is a confederation of technical Special Interest Groups (SIGs) serving the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. All HUG events and SIG meetings are open to the general public. HUG currently supports SIGs focused on the following areas of technology: JAVA, C++, LINUX, MS/Visual Basic, MS/Access, MS/SQL Server, MS/Windows 9x, MS/Windows NT, and SmallTalk. Additional SIGs may be created based on public demand and interest. An annual individual membership in HUG is $25.00 and entitles the member to receive HUG's monthly newsletter and to participate in drawings for door-prizes at HUG events. Student and organizational memberships are also available. More details may be found on the main HUG web page, located at:

The HUG Board of Directors provides a framework for supporting the various SIGs. The Board's overall mission is to provide SIGs with guidance and resources. The Board also facilitates a monthly 'General Meeting' that is open to the public and features a topic of general interest to all SIGs.

Each individual SIG sets it's own set of goals and objectives and can rely on the HUG Board for assistance. The overall goal of the SQL Server SIG is to maximize the collective knowledge of all persons who participate in the SIG as it pertains to Microsoft SQL Server. The SQL Server SIG facilitates this objective by hosting monthly SIG meetings, by providing information via the WWW and e-mail, and by encouraging communication among participants. SQL Server SIG meetings serve as a public forum in which participants learn new information about SQL Server. SQL Server SIG meetings also enable participants to share experiences, problems, and successes with others.

For additional details, please visit the SQL Server SIG's web page or send e-mail. The SQL Server SIG's web page is located at: The e-mail address for the SQL Server SIG's leader is:

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