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Heartland Users Groups - SQL Server SIG

June 1999 meeting:

CYRANO: Stress Testing

CYRANO creates, develops and markets leading tools and solutions focused on the quality, performance, reliability and change management of software applications.

CYRANO, a public company as of June 1998, is listed on the EuroNM of the Paris Bourse (Reuters: CYRA.LN). Formed in 1989, CYRANO has global operations that span The Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia. CYRANO is headquartered in Paris, France with regional headquarters in the UK and USA. CYRANO employs over 300 people worldwide.

CYRANO's web site is at:


Phil Zupan of CYRANO will give a demonstration and presentation of how CYRANO's products can benefit SQL Server database developers and DBAs.

Date & Time
Thursday, June 3, 1999 @ 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Solutech, Inc.
Lighton Plaza
7300 College BLVD, Suite #165
Overland Park, KS

Solutech's offices are located on the first floor, and parking in the building lot is FREE.

If possible, please try to arrive at the meeting a little early because the doors to the building get locked around 6:00 PM. If the doors are already locked when you get there, please use the security phone located on the west side of the building and dial extension 165.

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