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The Very Best Gift!

At the foot of mountains all covered with snow
near a small bubbling brook so clear and bright
a young boy named Christopher loved to go
to sit in the warmth of the happy sunlight.

The sun came up for a brand new day.
Christopher would leap, run, and play.

But even more than this wonderfull place,
and even more than his favorite candy,
More than he liked to play ball at third base,
he loved to be with his best friend, Mandy.

Together they ran and flew their kites,
then laughed at what each other would say.
They took picnic baskets and went on hikes.
Then Christopher learned it was Mandy's Birthday!

No present to give her, at least not yet,
He'd bring her a diamond so crystal clear,
or a feather from the eagle he'd just met,
Maybe a wood carving, she need not fear.

Before she could tell him to stay and play
he left for a gift for her sixth birthday.

He found a cave where surely would be
a diamond so big, the best one could find.
It was dark and black and he couldn't see,
a bat chased him out so he changed his mind.

A feather was better than any diamond would be
so higher and higher he climbed the mountain.
He grabbed at a feather but now could see
that the eagle was selfish, that was for certain.

So best of all, he would use his talent
to carve a figure of wood she should love.
Try as he might, all his efforts were spent.
The day had now ended with bright stars above.

He sat all alone and dared not go back.
He had nothing to give so he started to cry.
A nice present for her, he surely did lack.
There he sat with the night passing by.

Mandy searched for her friend,
and found him in tears.
When she asked where he'd been,
He told her his fears.

No gift to give her, the sad story he told.
When the truth came out, he expected the worst.
She told him his friendship was worth more than gold.
Of all great presents, true friendship is first.

The End

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