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David M. Harris
26 June 1999


My career objective is to benefit my employer by using my experience and talents on technically challenging software development projects. I learn and adapt quickly. I am efficient and profitable. I have over eight years of experience in all phases of software development. I have applied my skills to the following general software development areas: networking and distributed objects, user interfaces, information security, and relational databases.


Software Developer, Marconi Systems Technologies, Suitland MD, May 1998 to Present: Member of a team developing a web based data visualization system. Made significant contributions to the prototype and v1.0 architecture. Designed and wrote client and server side components in Java and C. Utilized skills in the following technologies: CGI, HTML, XML, JDBC, SQL, TCP/IP Sockets, HTTP, VRML, and CORBA.

Systems Engineer, J.G. VanDyke and Associates, Annapolis Junction MD, February 1994 to September 1995, June 1996 to Present: Member of the S/MIME v3 Freeware Library (SFL) team. Made major contributions to the SFL design. Designed and developed major portions of the library in C++. Member of the Message Security Protocol (MSP) team. Coding done in C. Designed and implemented Unix to Windows porting scripts that significantly reduced the effort required to port. Member of the Message Preparation System (MPS) team. Designed and developed several components in C using the Win16 API. Windows Sockets (winsock) programming.

Senior Programmer, Mid-Atlantic Medical Services, Inc., Rockville MD, October 1993 to February 1994: Learned PickBASIC and became productive very quickly. Performed major enhancements to dental insurance processing system. Developed customized form printing programs.

Programmer, Andrews Air Force Base, MD, United States Air Force, June 1992 to October 1993: Technical lead for development of a PC-based HF radio communication system written in object oriented Pascal. Significant design and development work. Wrote documentation. Interacted with customer during testing and requirements definition.

Programmer/Analyst, Sembach Air Base, Germany, United States Air Force, June 1990 to June 1992: Performed all phases of application development using Microsoft C, the Windows SDK, and dBASE. Solely designed, developed, and delivered two stand alone Windows applications. Contributed to the design of other applications. Developed and enhanced dBASE applications allowing customers to more effectively accomplish their jobs.



Languages: Java, C, C++, Pascal, Basic
Programming: JFC, Win32/16 APIs, Sockets, CORBA
Operating Systems: MS Windows (3.x, 95, NT), Linux, Solaris, IRIX
General: XML, HTML, GUI Design, Cryptography Implementation, Writing/Documentation, Database Design/Programming (SQL, JDBC), VRML


I am highly interested software development. I especially enjoy Java. Other technologies that interest me include: MFC, ActiveX, CORBA, internet mail related protocols (MIME, POP3, SMTP), data security, and graphics (ray-tracing, VRML). I am very interested in employment using any of these technologies. I am looking for work in Washington, D.C. I will provide references upon request.

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