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  • Tinuviel's Hall is the site that I've been maintaining for the longest period of time hosted in the past by VDA's Web Server, ISU's Student Web Server, SRVnet, Bayserve, Capital City Cyberlink, and hosted currently by Geocities which is where I'm going to leave it for a while because a) Geocities has been pretty good considering the price (free), and b) Geocities is a constant so I don't have to keep on moving things all over the place.
  • Story Brook Lane is the children's story and sing-along section that is a sub-section of Tinuviel's Hall but is different enough for me to want to classify it as a different link. Tinuviel's Hall and Story Brook Lane share the same hit counter. Most of my hits are probably to Story Brook Lane since I have it listed in Yahoo.
  • My Home Pages are my more "business" oriented web pages.

The VDA Web Page, also, see the SFL Page and the Intranet.

Aki's Place

A good source for popular files along with other useful information such as ISPs and Computer Shows.

A good source of tech-industry news.

The Official Fortezza Web Site.

Internet Engineering Task Force Web Site. In particular, see the S/MIME page.

Internet Mail Consortium Web Site. In particular, see the S/MIME Working Group Page and the IMC SFL Page.

A great source of Microsoft Development Information. MSDN Online is cool!

Open-PGP is the proposed alternative to S/MIME. PGP is one of the original sources of free strong encryption on the net.

RSA and RSA Laboratories are sources of the RSA encryption algorithms and the Public Key Cryptography Standards that were the origin of S/MIME.

Microsoft's Site for Web Development.


A really nice free crypto library currently used for the SFL Free CTI Library.

Pointers to
Cryptographic Software

A nice list of URLs to crypto stuff.


A nice FAQ on a popular crypto library.

Cert Authorities

I've tried each of these and recommend Thawte: Verisign, Belsign, Thawte

On-Line Docs

C++ FAQ Lite, Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Using C++

My favorite file archive...nice presentation and reviews.

My second favorite file archive.

FREE zip/unzip utilities for virtually all platforms.

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